Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Please vote for me.......

Easyriders magazine has their "Best Bikes Of 2009" survey going on right now. Basically, it's a "cattle call" of all the bikes that were featured in all the Paisano publications. My FXTT was featured in the March '09 issue of EZ, so it's eligible. If you could take a few minutes to vote, I'd appreciate it. It's # 11 on the list. Here's the link for the ballot:
You can vote for five bikes total, so while you're at it, I know that these people would be well deserving as well:
# 7 Kirk & Lisa Taylor
# 42 Superco Trevelen

# 140 Bill Holland
# 154 Brad Barnes


Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

Done, and #167 is my 39 Knuck

1 said...

I voted :)


"Daddyfrisco" Ray said...

u got my vote.