Sunday, January 3, 2010

Apehanger Days.......

"Know Ye That This Is The Kingdom Of Kicks -
Wine, Bikes, Drugs & Chicks"
Angelo, 3-12-58

That's what David Mann painted on the wall behind his subject, for the "Apehanger Days" centerfold for the Dec. '73 issue of Easyriders.

While this isn't an exact replica of that famous Mann painting, it's pretty damn close. This bike was on display at this year's David Mann Chop Fest, and the liberties the owner took from the original painting were a slightly different sissybar, a full chrome VL front end, a different headlight/mount, and Knuckle power instead of a Panhead. I wouldn't kick it out of my garage.

You have to admit, the work is cherry, and I think "Angelo" would approve of the differences if he saw it today.

Photo courtesy of Kristina Pamias/Glitterfist Productions


Chris K said...

Cool bike. I've seen a pan done up this way too.

It sounds strange but, didn't the art bike have "Cafe Racer" on the tanks when it was originally published in Easyriders?

Irish Rich said...

Yeah, it had Cafe' Racer painted on the tank side, inside the two scallop licks.

Gnar Jen said...

This is crazy... about 2 weeks ago we were at this flea market around Daytona and picked up this old framed drawing on the back of a folded out bar napkin and the 'know ye this...' text drawn out alongside a guy sitting drinking a beer beside his bike.. i'll have to scan it in and send you it, it's a great drawing, well worth the $1 we paid for it.. funny to see this is where he got the text.. it must definitely date the drawing back quite a few years..