Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Loose 75 lbs. of bloated weight in two days.......

No fad or starvation diets, no pills to take, no foul tasting liquids to drink, and very little exercise. Eat what you want, when you want, with guaranteed results! You'll love your new thin silhouette!

Just see what one customer had to say:
Dan Druff, from Dry Crotch, Nevada wrote: " Wow! If I knew it was this easy to loose all that bloated weight, I'd have done this years ago. Thank you, Irish Rich, you changed my life! "

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A candid shot......

Photo courtesy of Vintage Dreams Blogspot

Ryan snapped this photo a couple weeks ago, when he came to pick up his finished-up VL frame, and custom oil tank I did for it. He was killing some time while I took care of a couple pinholes in his oil tank after I pressure tested it.

If you'll look closely, you can see a couple carry-overs from my old oxy/acetylene torch welding days - I still cut my filler rods in half, then bend one end of the filler rod over. That way I could tell which end of the rod I was using without lifting my hood to see. It's not necessary now with the auto-dark helmet, but I still do it. And, I still put my helmet on, then give it a "nod" down into position before I weld, even though I don't need to do that anymore, either. Old habits dye hard, my friends.

Friday, October 22, 2010

What're we up to....Part Two

??????? OEM Softail frame, 18 x 5.5 rim, hardtail section........

Piece of cake........all in a day's work.

Uh-oh.....what're we up to now ?


Photo courtesy Minna/COC (Hi Minna!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How fresh are these point covers ?

These point covers are so fresh, I had to slap them when I took them out of the bubble wrap!

"But seriously folks....." I just got a new batch of stainless SF point covers in, these are the ones I put on the bikes that I build for people, and I sell them on my website, too.

I get these point covers laser cut by a guy who works out of a clapped-out bread factory in Detroit. In this shipment, he included a new design he'd like me to retail for him. I already have an exclusive on his Fuck kicker pedals, keychains, and pendants, so I said "Why not?".

The SF point covers are a high-polish finish, and the "Fuck You" point covers are a brush stainless. They all come with a new steel backing plate. The price on any of the point covers is $45.00 + S&H. If you'd like new chrome buttonhead allen mounting screws, add an additional $5.00 . For you Sporty guys, I'll set up your new backing plate so you can run them, no charge. Wadda deal!

Order them here:


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From the White Knights In The House Of Color......

ChopperDave and 9 1/2 with the WKITHOC, on a charge through NYC the day after the Brooklyn Invitational. I thought I'd make it this year and didn't, but I'm sure goint to try for next......

More from the mail bag - from Torrance, CA......

I love this stuff......

My name is Mike D, this is a photo of my uncle Jimmy on his Sporty back in the mid-80's".

Monday, October 18, 2010

Of Tank Girl, Pete Pepe's CFL, and Craig Fraser.........

Before you accuse me of hipsterism, please, bear with me. I promise you there's a connection to all this......
Here we are folks, the cover of Issue #1, May '91 of Tank Girl - from the collaborative efforts of wordsmith Alan Martin, and artwork by Jamie Hewlett. Tank Girl had a pretty good following then, and still has a large cult following today.

Lori Petti portraying "Rebecca Buck" (aka Tank Girl) in the movie version of the comic, circa '95. The movie was a giant flop. Seriously, Miley Cyrus recently said she wants to re-make Tank Girl, as "a big-budget movie this time....", and play the lead. Oh, brother. I would kinda like to see her wearing the tit missiles, though. I wonder if Miley knows that there's an authorized line of Tank Girl dildos out there? There is!

......and here's a variant on the "Tank Girl", as depicted by custom painter/pinstriper/airbrush artist Craig Fraser, on the gas tank of Pete Pepe's WCC-built CFL. Ironic that "Tank Girl" became the inspiration for the "tank girl" art on Pepe's CFL. Double entendre', anybody?

One of my "Top 5" most favorite WCC CFL's of all time, is Pete Pepe's CFL Wasp. The "wasp" is in reference to the style of the gas tank Pete's bike has. You may also recognize the Wasp as being the same style of tank Jesse's Chongo Blanco CFL has, too. Not too many of these shop-built tanks out there.

This is the same bike that Giuseppe Roncen (then the Editor of Freeway Magazine) rode from Long Beach to Sturgis in Jesse's Motorcycle Mania II. I remember Giuseppe telling me in Sturgis back then, that the Perse front end was locking up (not WCC's fault), and in effect, he rode 1,400 mi. with rigid front and rear suspension. He was sore in more ways than one!

You've probably seen this flat black CFL referred to as just "Pete Pepe's", and not known much more. Here's a little blurb I found online on the man:

PETE PEPE (Creator/Executive Producer)
"Pete Pepe is a producer, writer, animator and conceptual artist. As an animator, Pepe's artistic talents can be seen in the Disney Feature movies "Hercules," "Tarzan," "The Emperor's New Groove," "Atlantis," "Treasure Planet," "Home on the Range" and "Fantasia 2000," for which Pete received a 2000 ASIFA-HOLLYWOOD ANNIE AWARD -- CERTIFICATE OF HONOR for his contributions to the film.
Following Disney, Pete became a conceptual designer. He developed and designed the original concept vehicles for the pilot episodes of The Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage."
He has also been designing for the world famous Jesse James West Coast Choppers. He has designed a variety of custom gas tanks and wheels for high profile customers like Shaquille O'Neal, professional wrestler Goldberg, Camel Cigarettes and Jesse James himself".

Luckman's Scanner and computer tower, paint by Craig Fraser...

Here's an interesting sidebar. Craig Fraser was also one of the copy editors on the book Pinstriping Masters-Techniques,Tricks, and Special F/X for Laying Down the Line, on Nikko Press, and did the introduction page to the book as well. The book is available on Amazon.com if you wish to check it out. There's a section in there on Craig Fraser doing a "step-by-step" large freehand pinstriped mural, and an assortment of his work is also featured in the same section.

One of the photos (printed backwards, I might add) depicts a computer tower, and a scanner that says "Luckman". Just as Jim Morrison was "Mr. Mojo Risin", not a lot of people know that "Frankie Luckman" or "Frank Luckman" was/are Jesse James aliases. Several of the bikes that have come out of WCC have been attributed to being owned by "Frankie" or "Frank" Luckman. Matter of fact, the first Email I got from Jesse was from frankieluckman@.......

I remember seeing these computer pieces sitting on a work table on a trip to Jesse's penthouse in Downtown Long Beach in '01, which is the location the above photo must have been taken at. The table in the photo that the pieces are sitting on I believe (and somebody can correct me if I'm wrong) was a "Jimmy C" piece. I remember thinking "How cool would it be to work on this computer!". The whole place was full of original Kustom Kulture works like the above - from original Pizz paintings and Dan Barnett life- sized door art, to Jay Hodge sculpted surfboards - I didn't know where to look next!

Anyways, check out the girl seated on the 8 ball, on the side of the computer tower. Similar to Pete Pepe's tank art, but this time the girl has '59 Cadillac tail light tits. It looks like she's signaling the flying eyeball with the halo to STOP whatever it was he intended, doesn't it?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've never done this on here.......

.....but this is such a unique build that's for sale, I thought I'd post it up here for Wayne.

It's a reverse head, '70 T-120R, with a 750cc kit. That, and a whole list of mods, including a survivor H-D extended springer that was done in the late '60's, and done well.

If you're interested in the bike, get in touch with Wayne for more info and more detailed pictures. The bike is located in NJ.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Part-timer Steve is headed for Tejas.....

Here's what all that cutting and grinding was all about. Part-timer Steve loves his 2.2 gal. Mustang tank, but he's getting a little tired of stopping every 70 miles to gas up, and carrying extra gas. So, for his ride down to Texas for the Lone Star River Run this weekend, Steve decided a 3.5 gal. tank was in order. He put new tank mounts on to match his frame, sealed the tank, and primed it. He shot this photo at his place last night before he packed up. Yeah, he's riding down there.
I guess the plan is to hook up with (the other) MikeD from the Cheap Thrills and Good Times blog down there, and then on to Austin and the event. Steve plans on riding thru Big Bend Ranch State Park before he heads back. Lotta miles.

I hope Steve enjoys the 80 degree weather while he's down there, because there's a good chance he might be riding into some rain mixed with snow when he hits the SE corner of Colorado, and on into Denver on Tuesday. Hey, it's the middle of October......ah kids, you can't tell um' nothin'.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ol' "Sparky" is still hard at it.........

Better to have the youth of America learning and accomplishing this, than running amuck in the streets at all hours.......
Wait, he does that, too.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Use your imagination, show some class.........

You know, I've been riding for just over 42 years, and I can remember putting a bandanna over my face twice - once when I was in Arizona, and a pretty good sandstorm came up, and another time in Montana late in the Summer, when the temperature dropped, and the rainstorm I was riding thru started to turn into little ice pellets that were cutting into my face like little knives. That's it.

I've never understood the need for guys to ride around when it's 95 degrees out with a bandanna or a face mask on. I do understand why a 1%er would find the need to conceal his identity at a major event if he's riding, because sometimes people are where they aren't supposed to be, but that's the only exception I can think of. But, maybe I'm just not hip to what's going on otherwise. Let's look at some examples of what I found out there for "hip" facewear......

Here you have your regular ol' classic bandanna. Yeah, they're utilitarian, and they can double as a dew rag, or tied on your front forks for a "rain fender". You kind of put off that cowpoke/train robber/Fiddy Get Rich, Or Die Trying vibe when you're wearing them, but they're sooooo boring. Besides, being cotton, when they get soaked in the rain they kinda give you that "droopy drawers" look on your face.

When I used to see a pack of riders on Sunday wearing these skull face bandannas, on their way to the HOG Brunch, they used to scare the bejeezus out of me. But, they don't anymore, I'm pretty much used to the look. Now, those Alien face and "killer klown" ones...... I like the moustache ones though, those are cute, and make me giggle.

Ok, I don't know what the fuck to think about this one. This must be for the guy who has a Road Warrior "Ayatollah Of Rock&Rolla"/ Humongous fetish going on. I bet this is very comfortable on I-15 just south of Baker, CA in July, when it's 115 degrees - not to mention blinding oncoming drivers with the sun reflection. I guess it could come in handy at the end of your day, when your "road dogs" need you to split some firewood with your face.

OK, now let's look at some alternative facewear that I came across.........

I'm thinking that if you're kind of a minimalist guy, and you're bucks-down, this 3M dust mask would be the ticket. If you gals out there think this is " too plain..." you can always get that Bedazzler out, and bling it up a little. And, if you're riding a Japanese Brat-style or Nice!-styled cruiser, you can tie the whole package together by rockin' the "Tokyo Train Commuter" look!

For all you WWII buffs out there, there's nothing classier than a surplus gas mask for total protection from the elements. Perfect for deflecting rocks, sand, rain.....you have some kool eye protection, and you get to breathe clean filtered air. Plus, with #1 here, you've got that Greedo look going on, too. What more could you ask?

With the neck air pack, I'm thinking #2 here would be tits for riding in L.A. on those "red alert" smog days, or when you have to ride by that 2 mile long stretch of cattle pens on I-80, just east of I-76 in Nebraska. The "overseas hat" is a nice touch, too!

OK, now here would be the epitome of total bad-ass hardcore Ol' Skool kool - find yourself a vintage flameproof Top Fuel dragster pilot's facemask. Look how well it fits under your helmet and goggles! Total class, total coverage.

Check this out - while you're riding from Destination Daytona to Main St., your FLSTBFF engine that the Dealership guy that runs the dyno told you is putting 200 HP to the rear wheel blows, and takes your gas tanks out. That 3 day growth of beard you've carefully cultivated for the event is totally protected, and you've got a hellova good road story to tell when you get to the beer garden. The downside is you can't smoke that stogie while you're riding. Oh well.

I hope some of these examples have got your ol' creative juices flowing. Why wear a boring bandanna, or a trite skull or clown face - when you can combine utilitarian usefulness, and total road cred class with just a little thinking and a lot of time on Ebay. Fuck the J&P catalog, who knows what other alternatives you can come up with.....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dennis Goodson stopped by......

Dennis came by today, and dropped off some Goodson air cleaners for me. Denns says he was forced (I'm not buying that....) out of his shop today, to get some break-in miles on the Knuckle he built for artist David Uhl, after some recent motor work he finished up on it. You really have to see this bike in person to fully appreciate all the little details on it.

How could somebody even think of buying someone's knockoff of Dennis' air cleaners, regardless of what the price is? "Shame, shame, double shame, everybody knows your name......". You can spot a bogus Goodson a mile away on a bike. You aren't fooling anybody.

Here's Dennis giving all you people who follow my blog, a heart-felt double "Junior Peaceman's Salute", and he hopes you all have a good weekend!

"It's a rough job, but somebody's gotta put some miles on it!" . The bike was running like a Swiss watch. Dennis gives you a rundown on the bike's highlights in "The Harbortown Bobber", you can catch it here:

Close-up of Dennis' axe work, and "flying wheel" decal inlay on the 3 1/2 gal. tanks.

What's part-timer Steve up to?

We might have to wait until he gets back from Texas to see it on his blog......

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bo Huff could use some help........

Dear Friends of Bo Huff: Bo Huff has currently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Mutliple Myeloma and is in treatment at Hunstmen Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. He needs to undergo 2 rounds of chemo and radiation therapy immediately at a cost of $25,000 per cycle. Our goal is to raise as close as possible to $50,000 (2 cycles + medication) as he is on Medi-Cal and they only potentially pay for one cycle of treatment.

Our objective is to have an art/artist supported raffle to help raise funds for his therapy. We will feature this event in Car Kulture Deluxe magazine and I will additionally scout feature artists from the submissions. We have only 30 days - until Oct. 31, 2010 to get submissions into me. Will you help me put the word out to the art & hot rod builder community? Note: In the spirit of positive thinking, we are affectionately calling the art show the "Glo Huff Chemo and Radiation Cancer Fighting Fundraiser. " He starts aggressive therapy this Monday.

Submissions can be any format that's hot rod/biker/lowbrow art related but must be signed and preferably original works. Paintings must be already framed and ready to display or hang with sawtooth or wire backing as I don't have time to assemble any framing prior to the event. Drop dead delivery deadline is Monday Nov. 1, 2010. All items will be raffled off at the event by an MC and the funds will go into a charity fund to pay the hospital bills. Artwork will be sent to me for staging and I will get it to the fundraiser. Please mail items to:Anna Marco PO BOX 1895 Beverly Hills CA 90213 ph. (310) 925-6966 email: anna.osr@gmail.com

Additionally we are working on making event shirts. Your assistance will be deeply appreciated, please put the the word out to our usual suspects as will I. Bo has now agreed to let folks know he needs our help. Much Love, Anna "saves fabricators" Marco"

Friday, October 1, 2010

We're in......

We're going to be included in the Invited Builder's Show section of Born Free III.