Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bo Huff could use some help........

Dear Friends of Bo Huff: Bo Huff has currently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Mutliple Myeloma and is in treatment at Hunstmen Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. He needs to undergo 2 rounds of chemo and radiation therapy immediately at a cost of $25,000 per cycle. Our goal is to raise as close as possible to $50,000 (2 cycles + medication) as he is on Medi-Cal and they only potentially pay for one cycle of treatment.

Our objective is to have an art/artist supported raffle to help raise funds for his therapy. We will feature this event in Car Kulture Deluxe magazine and I will additionally scout feature artists from the submissions. We have only 30 days - until Oct. 31, 2010 to get submissions into me. Will you help me put the word out to the art & hot rod builder community? Note: In the spirit of positive thinking, we are affectionately calling the art show the "Glo Huff Chemo and Radiation Cancer Fighting Fundraiser. " He starts aggressive therapy this Monday.

Submissions can be any format that's hot rod/biker/lowbrow art related but must be signed and preferably original works. Paintings must be already framed and ready to display or hang with sawtooth or wire backing as I don't have time to assemble any framing prior to the event. Drop dead delivery deadline is Monday Nov. 1, 2010. All items will be raffled off at the event by an MC and the funds will go into a charity fund to pay the hospital bills. Artwork will be sent to me for staging and I will get it to the fundraiser. Please mail items to:Anna Marco PO BOX 1895 Beverly Hills CA 90213 ph. (310) 925-6966 email:

Additionally we are working on making event shirts. Your assistance will be deeply appreciated, please put the the word out to our usual suspects as will I. Bo has now agreed to let folks know he needs our help. Much Love, Anna "saves fabricators" Marco"

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