Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wednesday I got this phone call......

.....and the voice on the other end said "Hey Rich, this is Stogie, I'm in Wyoming - a couple hours from you, can I stop by?" I told him to come on by, and stay as long as he wanted to.

See, last May Stogie was "involuntarily separated" from his job at a Toyota subcontractor near Detroit. He thought it was a good opportunity to see some sights, so he loaded up his Dyna Superglide, and set off on a journey most people can only dream of.

Stogie has been all thru most of the Canadian Provinces (save for two), up thru Alaska, the Artic Circle, down on the West Coast, over on the East Coast, and all places in between. Since May, Stogie has put just shy of 22,000 miles on his bike.

He only has a handfull of States to ride in to have done all 49, and when he left here Friday, he was headed for Nebraska, S. Dakota, N. Dakota, and Minnesota. After a stopover in Minnesota, he was headed back to Michigan to see his dad that has just gone thru his 5th hip replacement,

I gave him a couple nights lodging, some square meals, and some R&R. We went thru his pictures of his trip on his laptop - but not all of them. He's shot over 9,000 images so far.

If you see Stogie on the road, give him a big wave - or better yet, give him a good nights sleep. He's trying to get in all 49 States this year, but the weather and time I'm afraid are against him. I'm pulling for him to do it.

Good luck, and safe journey, buddy!


Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

Rich, Stogie made it to my place tonight we hit a few bars and he pulled out of a buddies house doing a wheelie..well he came down and twisted his knee so he is hobbling around but hopefully it will not be too bad tomorrow.

CycleBoy said...

Had the pleasure of meeting Stogie when he stopped by my shop on his way to Alaska a couple months ago... Damn right it's a trip most of us dream about, and good on him for doing it!! Looks like he's got some good people all over the continent to stop in on... Ride safe Stogie.
Hey Teach!