Saturday, October 24, 2009

Copulating the Canine *

( * fucking the dog)
OK, I suck. I've been slacking on my blog ever since the trip out to SoCal. Actually, I've been trying to catch up on all the Emails, phonecalls, and everything I stopped working on that needs to be finished up for clients, that's still here in the shop.

Also, when I went out to L.A., I left my camera here on the charger. Fuck lotta good a fully charged camera did me 1000 mi. away from where I needed to take photos. I'm waiting on Part-timer Steve's pictures, along with Dennis Goodson's and Kristina's shots. When I get them, I'll post them up here and there. In the meantime, here's a good shot from the trip, of me catching some rays on Ocean St., right near the Santa Monica Pier.

"Looks like another perfect day, I love L. A. .........."