Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"..........the bloody red sun of fantastic L.A."

We're out of here for some good fun, and some needed R&R. Myself, Part-timer Steve, and Dennis Goodson are headed out to the Land Of Fruits And Nuts tomorrow. Can't wait.

We'll be in Santa Monica on Thurs. and Thurs. evening, then up for breakfast, and off to the Peterson Automotive Museum on Fri. Friday afternoon we're stopping off to see Superco Trevelen, and then up to Burbank to meet Frank Kaisler, and then we're all off to Bob's Big Boy in Toluca on Fri. night.

Saturday we're moving down to Long Beach, see as many Sinners brothers as I can down there, and over to the Bikernet Compound in Wilmington Sat. night. Keith Ball and Nyla have invited us to spend the night there. I wonder if we get to sleep inside? We'll hit some of the LBC gin joints, then call it a night.

Looks like we'll be out of L.A. by Sunday afternoon, and on the road back to Denver. See you all back here after the 19th. The drive is long, and the time in L.A. is always too short, but I'm looking forward to it.

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J-Rod said...

Sounds like fun. Be safe, Rich.