Monday, October 12, 2009

Tommy's pipes II........

Here's how the final layout for Tommy's pipes came out. Like I said a couple posts below, the object on this exhaust system was to complete it with just using what came in Biltwell's pipe kit, and no other tubing or bends. OK, we did use the Biltwell tips, and a/m pipe retainers, but that doesn't count.

I still have both narrow radius mandral bend sections intact, and the straight sections with the Shovel and Pan flanges left over, too. Tommy's pipes were carefully cut, fitted, and tacked together from just the straight sections with the Evo flanges, plus the large radius mandral sections only. And, like I thought, I have enough tubing left from the kit to get a really good start on either another Pan or Shovel exhaust system, all I'd have to add would be some bulk straight tubing.

How would I rate this kit? Well, like they used to say on the old American Bandstand "It's got a great beat, easy to dance to, I'll give it a 90...." and that's only because I think they should have some 45 degree bends in the kit instead of the little fishtails.

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