Sunday, October 11, 2009

Here's why I like working with Fab Kevin.......

When it came to Tommy's oil tank, he wanted to mount one up front, right at the downtubes/front engine mount area. I knew who to call for the exact components I needed to pull it off. Who else, other than Fabricator Kevin?
I asked Kevin if he could send me one of his round stainless oil tank kits, but not punch any holes in the body, so I could locate all the bungs where I needed them. Kevin said no problem. Then I asked Kevin if he could modify his program for his world famous Moon tank brackets so they would fit his larger stainless tank, and not bend the mounting tabs on the brackets as he usually does. He said he'd never done a bracket set for his stainless tanks before like that, but to give him about a week to get it done. A little over a week passed by, and the components showed up, exactly as I had asked for them. What a guy!
When the kit showed up, I TIG welded the body together with ER308 rod, then assembled the brackets, and slid the tank inside them. The brackets fit the tank perfectly, and as a bonus, Kevin had cut them out of stainless! I trimmed the brackets to shape, TIG'd them to the frame rails, then laid out the bung locations, and welded them in place. This is what it looks like finished. Everything should polish out beautifully.
Thanks, Kevin.

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J-Rod said...

Perfect hair when riding. hahaha