Monday, December 22, 2008

Part-timer Steve gets a feature

I wonder why at all the events, the cute girls talk to Steve, and not me???

Steve, the guy that comes in and helps me out part-time, wanted to build his first completely ground-up bike. So, a year ago we started on this for him. Steve worked his ass off on this bike, and with a little cough, cough looking over my shoulder , he built himself a pretty nice ride. He and I handled the fabrication and assembly, and Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios, in Novato CA handled the paint, silver leaf, and the pinstripes. He did a killer job.

It's in the Winter 2008 issue of Street Chopper magazine. I understand not every place that handles SourceInterlink's magazines has this on their racks, so you might have to try a couple places. Hey, do it for Steve!, but I understand if this issue sells well, they're gonna take SC to 4 times a year in '09.

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