Friday, December 26, 2008

Norm Grabowski's "Six Pack"

Hard to believe this was built almost 44 years ago. This has been one of my favorite bikes ever since I saw it in '65. Norm Grabowski took a '41 shaft drive Indian frame, and transplanted a Corvair flat 6 into it. I knew Boyd DeFrance of D&D, made the adapter to link the Indian shaft drive to the engine, and cast the "Six Pack" valve covers. What I didn't know until a little while ago, was the fact that I was wrong on who striped it. From the striping style, I always thought Von Dutch had done it. It turns out Dean Jeffries did it. An easy mistake to make, because Jeffries was a Von Dutch protege'.
You may have never seen this configuration, though. Norm took a German-made Steib sidehack frame, and added a narrowed and sectioned fiberglass T bucket body from CT Automotive to it. He did this around '67-'68. Tony Nancy did the upholstery, and Jeffries matched in his striping.

Notice the new pipe layout to accomodate the sidehack. Truly a beautifull, hand-built motorcycle.

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