Thursday, June 17, 2010

WOW! I almost forgot! GK#15.....

In all the hubbub of trying to get ready to head out for for Born Free 2, and playing catch-up on work, Emails, and phone calls here when I got back, I forgot to post up that Greasy Kulture #15 should be winging its way to you, if you haven't received it already. Or, you can go to the GK site, and order it. Better yet, subscribe!

Good stuff in #15 - Jeremiah of Love Cycles is on the cover with his family, and there's a great article on him inside. I met Jeremiah and his Dad at BF #2 - truly nice people. Plus, you get 2 Pans, 2 Sportys, 2 Knucks, a Triumph, and a Shovel!

You also get English Don in his own words, and coverage of the Revenge Run. Oh yeah, and my column, too!

So.......what are you waiting for?


Cris said...

Rich, just wanted to say thanks for your column in the mag, and all the info and opinions and memories you've shared through that and the website. You've got a gift for words.


Irish Rich said...

Cris, thank you for the kind words, they're most appreciated.

I haven't put up a lot of bikes and history lately here on the blog, but I'm working on a few things to make it up to everybody.