Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A couple days ago, a little bird told me.........

OK, it wasn't a little bird, it was Gary from Today's People. My article on rigifying an Evo Sporty, using the Led Sled's hardtail section is in the next issue (Aug. 2010) of IronWorks magazine.

I know there are a bunch of hardtail sections out on the market for Evos and Ironheads, but Led Sled Pat's hardtails are a pretty nice unit. There are so many 883 and 1200 Evo Sportys out there going for a song, if a guy wants to turn one into a "pay as you play" custom, the Led Sled section get you going in the right direction.

For a reasonable amount of money, you can hardtail your OEM frame, reassemble it with your stock components (save for a little narrower battery, and either a longer than stock belt, or a chain conversion), and ride it until you decide on your next steps.

You start off with this - it's kinda like the old "sawing a girl in half" trick, except you get to see inside the magic box....

.....mix in a dose of black magic alchemy.....

.......and alakazan, presto-chango (note at no time did my hands leave my wrists), and we have a killer looking hardtailed Sporty frame, with a great line down the backbone, and your frame numbers preserved.

To see the magic tricks (and a more in-depth followup, coming to the IW website), look for the Aug. 2010 issue of IronWorks to show up on your newstand very soon.

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