Monday, January 26, 2009

Two cool Bay Area bikes at the Oakland Roadster Show

Here's a couple Bay Area bikes in the original Oakland Roadster Show, before it became the GNRS, and moved to Pomona, CA. This picture come out of the 50th anniversary book on the Oakland Roadster Show by Andy Southhard Jr. and Dain Gingerelli. You should seek out this book, it's great.

They don't date the picture, but it's in the '60's era section of the book. It's funny, but they were saying that motorcycles at the time in the ORS didn't have their own class, but were classed in with the "special interest" entries - like mini bikes, go karts, etc. I can personally say from attending a couple ORS that the bikes also didn't usually have their own area, either. They were stuck inbetween the cars to fill the gaps on the floor, or they were all in an area that wouldn't display a car very well. Man, how times have changed, huh?

That aside, if you want a couple true examples of '60's Frisco/Oakland bikes, these two bikes are pretty good indicators. Too bad there wasn't a full shot of the Pan in the back, too.

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Chris K said...

Cool old bikes. That "C" support looks familiar?