Monday, January 26, 2009

Not sure where I got this picture of Dick, but he's on Locomotion. If you look, he has the same style swazi clutch pedal on Locomotion as he put on the Dick Allen bike that Rich Ostrander owned. Go back down the posts if you want to to see Rich's pedal.
Here's a Dick Allen ad from about the time period when the lady ran the boulevard stop, and punched the engine right out of Locomotion's frame, along with Dick's Leg. You can see he's offereng his springer still, along with his 15" spun aluminum rear wheel conversion. There's no mention of the matching 17" front wheel, which he was also doing at the time, too.

Dick didn't use the Crager spun wheels exclusively. He did similar earlier wheel conversions based on the Centerline 2pc spun wheels, too. It's my understanding that he went to the Cragar wheels when Performance Machine and Sifton/Star started making their "version" of his Centerline wheel. He wanted people to know the difference between the three, so he went to Cragars because their Quick Trik 2pc. spun wheels were visually different than Centerline's were, but would convert just as well. The Cragar wheel is the one that's shown in this ad.

Oh, did I mention that I scored one of Dick's rear wheels - intact, with unused Grimeca 10 1/4" vented iron rotor with aluminum carrier, and an unused Circle Ind. 51 tooth aluminum sprocket, just like the one's pictured in the ad? I got it from - who else - Pat Leahy.


Mike Davis said...

cool pic and info.

J-Rod said...

Badass, Rich. Pat has some cool shit.