Monday, January 26, 2009

The Esses

Ever wonder what the two "S's" were in S&S? Well, they stood for George Smith, Sr, and Stanley Stankos.....and here they both are. Stanley Stankos was George Sr.'s partner when they started in '58. In '59, George Sr. bought out Stankos, and he kept the name S&S - with his wife Marjorie becoming the other "S".
Check this photo out. George Smith getting ready to make a run at Bonneville on Tramp I. Notice safety-minded George is getting some help donning his helmet, but he's gonna run the course in his T SHIRT. Also, look close at the lower tree of the K model front end. There's a loop there, with a rope running thru it. The rope in turn is attached to his tow vehicle. George wrapped the rope around the handlebars, and they towed him up to speed, then he dumped the clutch to fire the bike, let go of the rope, and he was off...........simple!

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Chris Saddler Sam said...

stanley stankos...
was he a greek-american??


this name sounds greek to me!!!