Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Electric Chair, and The Mailbox Trike

The Electric Chair
Ed Roth's Mailbox Trike
Photos Courtesy of Rich Ostrander

From Rich Ostrander:
"Irish, Loved the piece on the Electric Chair. Enclosed you will find color photos of it, and Roth's 3 wheeler w/Crosley motor, that I took in '69 at the L.A. Custom Car and Motorcycle Show in Downtown L.A. just before I left for 'Nam. When you walked in the show, one was on each side of the doorway".

The pictures were a little faded - the color inks weren't the best 40 years ago, so I did a color correction on them, and they came out killer. Rich had sent me a bunch of pictures a little over a year ago from "way back when", and I scanned them all. I was trying to decide the best way to present them, and I think I'll scatter them in from time to time here. Rich even included a short description to go along with each picture, and I'll be including those notes just as Rich wrote them, too.

I didn't color correct any of those pictures, so they'll all have that "old timey" feel to them. A very special thanks to Rich for trusting somebody to copy all those irreplaceable photographs like the above. I appreciate it very much!


CycleDelicCycles said...

Wow!! Great pics!


thanks for showing the great pics.
the paint fades and colors on MailBox really
makes me feel good.
I'm building a seat rght now almost exactly like the Electric Chair seat. the rolls will be about twice as wide though. I'm starting on the sewing tonight and that pic really got
me motivated and excited.