Sunday, January 25, 2009

One of my favorite builds

When you build bikes for people, there's always a few that you really remember. This bike was one of them. It was a 103 Accurate Knucklehead engine with a jockey-shifted 5 in a 4 speed transmission. I had to shoehorn all this into a repop Knuckle frame, along with an electric start to boot.

This bike was scary fast! And LOUD! I put 4 piston Tokico calipers on it, but the repop Coker Firestones that the original client wanted wouldn't handle/stop for shit. You could definately out ride those tires. I tried to talk him into some tires that would handle, but sometimes you win some, sometimes you loose. I also lost out on wanting to mount a bobbed springer fender on the front, and going with a black leather seat instead of the brown.

I know the current owner of the bike, and he's made some minor changes in it, but it still looks good, and it's still loud. He also had some really nice light blue/dark blue pinstriping done on it (another thing I wanted to do originally).

I always secretly coveted this bike for myself, I guess that's the sign you did a really good job on it.


Griff said...

Looks V similar to mine, except I went for an FHP motor when they came out of Sweden

Irish Rich said...

Yes, it does.

Nice blog you have, I'll have to check your stuff often.