Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day......

Ah yes, time once again to honor The Patron Saint of Ireland by drinking Irish whiskey and green beer, and then throwing up in an alley.

Q. How many Irishman does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. It takes 6 - one to hold the lightbulb, and 5 to drink until the room starts to spin.

You know, there are only three types of Irish songs:
1. The first is: " We hate the British, and we'll chop off their heads, and stuff them with grass, then put them on poles and march around and fuck the Queen....."
2. The second is: "I'm lonesome and sad, and she broke my heart, and now I'm drunk, and I'll never love again...."
3. And, the third one is: "Fuck all this, I'm going to America!...."

Yes, and it's also my birthday. Harpoon did this for me more than a few years ago. I always thought my Dad had my Mother jump off the refrigerator so I'd be born on March 17th.

I remember my dad taking me around to all the bars when I was a little kid on St. Patrick's Day. He'd go in and yell "Hey! It's my kid's birthday today!", and everybody would go "Hey! Happy St. Patrick's Day, and Happy Birthday to the kid, let me buy you (my Dad) a drink!" He'd get shitfaced for free on St. Paddy's Day.

And, to keep this post motorcycle related.......


J-Rod said...

Happy Birthday, Rich.

glitterfist said...

Happy Birthday!!!
<3 Eddie & Me

Gnar Jen said...

Best story ever.
Hope you had a great one!!