Sunday, March 20, 2011


Ol' T-rod out hot-lapping his latest speedway bike. You've got to see this bike to believe it! The engine is a 500cc Buell Blast/Buell hybred, all done by Rod, and built to compete with the Jawas. If this wasn't challenging enough, T-rod is also building a 998cc destroked BT Evo-powered sidecar racing rig to compete against the dominant Kawasakis in that class for this season, too!

Go out and support and cheer on T-rod this year on his home track - Costa Mesa Speedway, Costa Mesa, CA.:
Costa Mesa Speedway also has two "Harley Nights" scheduled this year for "hooligan racing" - take your chopper out there, and race it.....iffin' yer not skeered to!

You know, T-rod pretty much does this all on his own hook, so if you'd like to see him continue to bring the H-D banner into the arena against the "other" makes of bikes, and stay competitive, you might think of dropping some sponsorship his way. You can contact him here:
And, see the racing team here, along with all the construction details and videos on the sidecar build-up:

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