Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Late night pipedream......

It's been awhile since you saw this bike from the side, huh?

Paughco was a day late in shipping in the coctail shakers, so that put me behind a day in a tight schedule, and puts me behind on the 2 bikes behind this one, and I've got 2 previous bike's worth of sheetmetal coming in behind those 2, and those bikes need to be final assembled and wired.....

I couldn't weld up the bottom pipe's 3 sections, or make the pipe's frame mounts until the mufflers showed up. I had them close, but the frame mounts needed to be re-thought once the 'shakers were installed. In all, there are 6 sections of bends that make up the pipes, and all the mounts are hidden when you look from the side. Clean.

.......and here's how I solved the problem of putting in some extra support into the back section. I felt that the TC-B Softail's faux seatpost just wasn't enough support for the rear area. Stress bars between the rear legs would have worked, but Wade wanted that area open. So, I made a support that bolts in on the rear fender's 5/16" thick mounting plate up top, and keys in at the transmission mount's bolt below.

It's completely removable, should the transmission need to be taken out of frame for any reason. The engine doesn't need to be removed for that operation, either. Simple.

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Jason said...

Rich-neat and tidy (pipes side). Im all wet with envy. I know, be cause when I was envious I slipped and spilled my beer.