Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BOO-YAH! More Psychedelic Love Temple info....

Thank Applied Machete blog reader "Doug B." for passing this article along on the Psychedelic Love Temple. Doug had read my previous posts on The Temple here, and happen to ask Steven Roby, author of Black Gold-The Lost Archives Of Jimi Hendrix if he could verify the location and correct address of the Temple (see my Aug. 13th blog post). He not only verified the address/location, he also passed along an article about the final party at The Temple, before it was torn down - which happened within days of the celebration. The article is from the L.A. Free Press, and it's dated Feb. 13, 1970. Enjoy the read!

If you want to catch up on the tale of the Psychedelic Love Temple (yes, the same Psychedelic Love Temple pictured in the Ed Roth/David Mann painting and poster), see my past blog posts for :
August 4, 2010
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Again, many thanks to Doug B. and Steven Roby for passing this along to me. Don't stop now - if you have any info, photos, articles, personal accounts, whatever - big or small, pass them along, and I'll share them here.

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Jahluv said...

Hats off to Doug for the follow up - thanks for posting Rich...