Saturday, February 13, 2010

Followup on the Arlen Ness van.......

At the end of my post on Arlen Ness' "Harley Hauler" van (see two posts down), I wondered if Arlen still owned the van (Ness has a propensity to keep all his personal custom vehicles), and also wondered where it was today.

Well, I got an Email from "Al", and he added a little more info, and sent the following pictures for me. Thank you Al, it was most appreciated!

" Rich,
Long time reader of your blog. Also been hung up on Ness Ford van for years. Here is what I have been able to find out(true or not, who the fuck knows....). Van left alone till sometime in the late 80's or early 90's, thats when it was re-shoed,had some more body mods done(re-radiused the wheel wells and new mirrors) and painted red. Not long after it was sold to a Ness employee who still owns it. Enjoy the pics. Al "

As Al mentioned, you can clearly see the new wheels/tires, the re-done flares, and the ground effect panel that occupies the side pipe's old location.

I also notice too, that it's also re-lettered Arlen Ness Las Vegas. From the background in the picture, it sure looks like it's parked in front of Arlen's Vegas store, on the Boulder Hwy., right across from the Bouder Station casino. I know a gal who used to work there, maybe I'll ask her if she has any info.


AteamMatt said...

From the son of the old owner of the van... Arlen Ness sold the van to his friend Arnie Araujo (my dad). Arnie opened the Arlen Ness Las Vegas store and was a partner, before selling his part of the store and moving back to the bay area about 3 years ago.

Arnie ended up selling the van back to Cory Ness about 3 years ago when getting back to the bay area... Cory still ownes the van to this day.

I hope that helps, Matt Araujo

Irish Rich said...

Thank you, Matt, it's always cool to have people that follow this blog respond to the posts I put up here with additional info.

Both your's and Al's were most appreciated, and very interesting.