Thursday, November 5, 2009

Elective surgery II

We're moving along with Randy's swingarm frame. Got it all bolted down, got all the plug welds finished up (all 28 of them), and bent and fishmouthed the tubing sections to mate the seat area tubing back with the new backbone.

We dropped the engine in for a look-see, and everything is copacetic. Now all we have left is to make the new gusset that will connect the backbone to the seatpost, make the top engine mounting bracket, and weld up the seams.

See that white arrow, that's pointing to that chinga at the bottom of the downtube? That's a sleeve (one for each side) that's cut to an angle, that match the sleeve for the underbackbone tube. They'll slide up to the neck, and get welded in place after the seams are finish welded. Just a different "touch" Randy wanted added, after he saw my VL frame.