Monday, August 10, 2009

We had a great time!

Had a great time in Sturgis. Saw lots of people I haven't seen in years, met some new people, and the crowds were down over previous years. Stayed with some good people (Thanks CrazyD, it was most appreciated!), and got a chance to go out to the Broken Spoke County Line on Thursday evening . Had a great night out there, and a good day Downtown on Friday.

A couple hours after the above photo was taken on Friday, we were crawling up Junction towards I-90, and the skys were getting gloomy. Decided to stop at the Conoco before we went onto I-90, to gas up, and was a good thing we did.

Right as I hung up the gas pump nozzle, I heard the warning sirens in Downtown Sturgis, and told the OL we were going to hang for a couple minutes more. No sooner had I pulled the bike under the overhang of the Conoco convenience mart, the skies opened up on everybody. We got 1" diameter hail and torrential rain for a good 15-20 min. solid, it never let up.

Fortunately, we were under the overhang, and off the highway. Up on I-90, they were getting what we were, but they had up to baseball-sized hail mixed in. It knocked the crap out of a bunch of bikes, knocked some people off their bikes, and knocked the glass out of at least 6 cars that I could count up there when we were able to get on the highway after the storm passed.

Even this didn't spoil the trip for me. Got it on Hwy 85 on the way up. Same old cat and mouse stuff. I saw him birddogging behind an oncoming car, I shut the throttle off at 90 mph, he shot me at 80 mph, so that's what he wrote me for. Fair enough, and he was polite and professional, and I returned the respect.

WTF, it goes with the territory. $85.00 mail-in, and no points.


Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

Great to see you and your lovely wife, thanks for stopping by to hang out at our tent. Man that frame you repaired sure did take a lickin this week and held up great good job!

huduguru said...

Rich, sorry to have missed catching up with you after calling Mon night--the rain during the week and hail on Fri screwed up a lot of plans--I'll catch you in Denver this fall! - JW