Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unrestored Jackpine Enduro sidehack

While I was in Sturgis I went downtown on Friday, to see Jeff Decker where he'd set up at the old Greasemonkey Mayhem lot. When I got there, Jeff was packing up to go pick up a couple bikes at the Lichter exhibit at the Buffalo Chip. Jeff showed me this original unrestored Jackpine Enduro sidehack rig that belongs to (who else?) Dale Walksler. Dale was around, and then he disappeared before I could get the full story on this rig.

I'll have to let the pictures tell the story. What I know from Jeff is it's complete, original, and runs very well. I scanned the photos a little larger for you, so you can look at all the details and racing touches it has on it. I love this bike!

Oh yeah, and Jeff gave me a copy of his new book. Check out his brand new website for a look-see at it.

Right hand shot of this rig, and the sidehack. There's all kinds of stuff all over this bike to look at, from a couple axes, to a little scrolling machine for the route map for the "monkey". Too much fun to be had on this bike!
Here's a good closeup of the combination hand clutch/footclutch setup. And, dig the white circle I've highlighted the original tech inspection wire wrap that's sealed with the official lead plug to prevent tampering. It's STILL intact!
Notice that the speedo is in front of the monkey, not the rider. Don't tell me you wouldn't want to hang onto this bike or sidehack, and go tearing up the fire roads and the backwoods on it! It was all I could do to not take it straight up Mt. Rodney, behind the Greasemonkey lot.


Pat said...

I`ve never seen a real Harley panhead dirt bike (other than a hillclimber). Very cool!! The knobbys blow my mind. You`d need a big SOB in the side hack to keep that sucker on the ground! Great stuff!

J-Rod said...

I think I'm going to head up to the Wheels Through Time museum soon...I wonder if this will be on display.

Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

That bike did Rule..I toasted a exhaust pushrod and Dale took me around downtown to all the swap spots to find another pushrod..real cool bike and it ran like it was brand new!

Lonnie C. said...

It will be a good match with the Indian Jackpine Enduro bike that Dale already has, that one is a trip also!

Replic Jewelry said...

sidehacks come back or buddy always love them?