Sunday, March 21, 2010


Three years ago, when Part-timer Steve and I rode out for the Sinners July 4th Party, we stayed with Superco Trevelen for a couple days. Steve had a balkey solinoid on his '86 FXR, and Trev knew a place called Chuy's Auto Electric that could rebuild it for him.

The three of us drove over to Chuy's, and while we were waiting, Trev ran into an old friend, who he introduced to us. His name was Zarape', and he's got to be in his late 70's now. Zarape' is a walking history of East Los chopper builders and riders. He still rides a chopper, which he kicks over while standing backwards! He has this eyelit in the middle of his gas tank, that takes a hook that's teathered to his belt. He hooks himself to the bike, so he doesn't blow off when he's on the Freeways.

Trevelen was working on a book project involving all the old chopper and motorcycle riders from the early years in L.A., including Zarape'. Trev has photos that would blow your mind for this project, I hope he gets it finished one of these days.
Zarape' then......
Zarape' a couple years ago.
Photos cortesy of Trevelen/Superco

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