Monday, July 13, 2009

"On a long and lonesome highway.........."

Here we are, off on some ranch exit from I-70 at about Midnight, approximately 40 mi. east of Richfield, Utah. Part-timer Steve adding his gas stash to make it the last of the 20-odd miles of this 108 mi. stretch that has no services. This section of I-70 hasn't had any services for as long as I've been coming thru here, and that goes back almost 40 years.

I love the ancient billboards at each end of this section with the bull with a ring in his nose, proclaiming "THIS IS NO BULL, LAST GAS FOR 108 MILES!". Don't see signs like that too often anymore.

Not exactly sure what Steve is doing right here......I think he was preparing to self-administer some kind of pain medication after he finished fueling up, I believe.

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