Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michael Lichter Studios

Photo copyrighted and courtesy of Michael Lichter

While we were out in SoCal last week, Part-timer Steve got a call from Michael Lichter. When Steve told him where we were, Mike told him that he was home all by himself - the family out on various adventures, and had he known we were going to ride out, he would have jumped on his bike and gone with us! And, he wasn't bullshitting us, either.

See, now here's a guy who's travel schedule and workload would make any frequent-flier corporate exec seem like a piker in comparison, who's already been all over the country this year (and add in Sweden, Russia, and Cuba, to name a few foreign countries) willing to jump on his bike with a couple friends and hit the road, just for the sheer fun of it all. Wadda guy!

I was fortunate enough to have my FXTT bike shot by Mike last year, and featured in Easyriders in the March '09 issue. It, along with all the bikes that Mike shot for Sturgis, Easyriders, and S&S's 50th Anniversary, and the rest of '08 are now online on his website. I encourage you to go over there and just appreciate the artistry and beauty in Mike's work.

Oh yeah Mike, don't make any plans next year at this time, you're comming with us!

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