Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From the Mail Bag - more Psychedelic Love Temple...

I got an Email from "Phyllis", who contacted me because she was looking to see what was online about the San Souci Temple - aka the Psychedelic Love Temple, from the famous David Mann poster he did for Ed Roth. She ran across my previous Applied Machete posts I've done on the Temple, and thought she'd write me.

She was one of the earlier residents at the Temple. She went on to say she " out before it got too scary". Phyllis also said her future husband was in the Temple scene from the movie The Trip, and when the movie was released, he "was in jail for possession, got 5 years felony reduced to 4 months in the L.A.County Jail, and 5 years probation".

Phyllis also was kind enough to send along a rare picture of Rowland, a member of the Barons MC out of SoCal, one of the original residents of the Temple. Phyllis also remarked that she couldn't remember if she herself took the photo or not. Hey, it was The '60's, right? Thanks Phyllis, I appreciate it very much!

Here's a photo I pulled from the very first issue of Roth's Choppers Magazine, in '67. It shows Rowland and his dog, sitting on the back of fellow Barons club member Tanker's trike. The article was entitled Tanker's Love Machine, because it said that Tanker and his three wheeler "....were on a permanent love trip, now". I wonder if Tanker and his trike are still love-trippin' in America someplace?
......and here's the photo that Phyllis sent me of Rowland, taking a snooze with his dog, in his room at the Temple, from about the same time period. You might not be able to tell from the first photo, but it appears in this pic he's wearing the same pants! Rowland was also shown in a couple of photos, in the article that Roth's Choppers Magazine did on a visit to the Temple, in the April, '68 issue.

You know what I find interesting about the former residents and hangarounds that frequented the Temple, and have Emailed me their personal accounts about back then? The girls outnumber the guys about 5 to 1 with their recollections. I wonder why that is?


WhitelinePsycho said...

Groovy stuff, love on. Peace.

Jahluv said...

Rich - I love how this subject keeps going. It's a slice of LA history that is great story. Look forward more folks recollections about the Temple.