Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Real, real happy with the initial fitup on Tommy's frame! When the top tubes in the seat area get "realigned", it'll be pretty stock-looking, which is what Tommy wanted. The rear section needs to go a little more "vertical" , and towards the backbone still. This will have people scratching their heads. 4 speed swingarm, Evo powerplant, 5 speed transmission, a stainless Pan neck (Tommy's numbers are on his front motor mount), and stainless sidecar loop forgings to match. They won't know what came from where.

Almost, but not quite. Approximately 3/8" more needs to come off all the splice points, and 3 of the trans plate bolt holes will align, and the trans plate will bolt in place. See, somebody decided to weld in the 5 speed plate, and they cut the trans mount on the seatpost down to match the plate (?) I'll have to build that back out to get the Lt. front trans plate bolt hole back again. Oy vey!

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Superb, yet again. Shalom.