Friday, January 20, 2012

The Dalai Lama...... in Manhatten, giving an address to the UN General Assembly. On his way back to his hotel, he decides to get something to eat, not having had anything all day. He passes a pizza parlor, and decides to go in. As he enters, the counterman says "Can I givva you somma help today?" "Yes you can..." says the Dalai Lama, "Can you make me one with everything?" Think about it.........

Usually, I'm cutting off the swing arm section, and putting on a hardtail. This time around, I'm cutting off a hardtail, and putting on a swing arm section. Tommy's plans for me, in addition to the swing arm section, are to add a stainless OEM-style neck forging and stainless sidecar forgings from John at Hardtail Choppers, then mix in dual 16" wheels, 5 gal. fatbobs, a short glide front end, and a hinged rear fender, with the "flip-up" section removed. Then, we're looking at an all black paintjob, a little pinstriping, along with as many accessories as we can powdercoat in gloss, semi-gloss, and wrinkle black for contrasts.

Also, check out what a killer job Blast Tech, in Englewood CO. did on that nasty rear section. Total professional work.

Looks like the best splice for the top rails will be at point A. ,right behind the seatpost crossforging, then with a little tweaking, and a little judicious heat applied to the rails, they should line up on both sections just fine for the splice.

The splice point on the bottom rails will be a piece of cake, right at point B. ,just behind the 5th trans mount. We'll use an offset trans plate that adapts the 4 speed frame to a 5 speed transmission to line everything up on the primary drive, and allow Tommy to keep his 5 speed. What's that you say....5 speeds don't fit in 4 speed swingarm frames, because of the L/H swingarm pivot? I've done them before, so you'll see how it's done.

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B Harlow said...

this looks like a real fun frame project Rich. I'm sure you'll kill it on the whole bike.