Saturday, December 3, 2011

They call it FRISCO.....and, a little more for you.

I didn't want to mix these things in with the post below, but I found some interesting things about Chocolate George, and a REALLY interesting document on Hairy Henry Kot. First the Chocolate George items:

* Chocolate George owned a couple auto junk yards in San Francisco, one of which was called D&G A GoGo. The "G" was for George, and the "D" was for his younger brother and partner, Doug Sessions.

*George's original Angel name was "Junkyard George", because of his junk yards (not to be confused with "Junkie George", the HA that kicked Hunter S. Thompson's ass, he's a different Member), but on a run to Berdoo one time, George produced a quart of chocolate milk to drink to sooth his ulcers, and he was renamed "Chocolate George" from then on out. George had reoccurring stomach ulcer problems, and he drank the chocolate milk to calm them down. It was also an easy way for him to consume whiskey (which he spiked the milk with) without it upsetting his ulcers.

And, now for this obscure document I ran across on Hairy Henry Kot. It's the appeal ruling, dated June 1, 1959, on a 1957 arrest and conviction of Hairy Henry on a Possession Of Stolen Property charge. It involved Henry being found in possession of a stolen Pan engine with altered case numbers in a bike he owned/rode:

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