Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let's dig in the mailpouch again.......

Always in the "Top 10" most viewed posts on Applied Machete are the one's that I did on the Psychedelic Love Temple, the subject of the David Mann Painting by the same name. Not a month goes by that I don't get an Email or two from somebody who partied there, lived there, or crashed there when they were passing through L.A. Some of the accounts I get are concise, clear recollections with dates, times, and names, others are disjointed random pieces (go figure, huh?).

I thought I'd share one Email I just got a couple days ago, from "lewis.kl1". Read on.....

I lived at 1039 S. Ardmore , from mid '67 till the last party, my room/home was the front balcony set of room's. If you came to the house, I'm the one who normally opened the door if it were closed, or I greeted you as you came up the front stairs. We knew when people came in because of the noise the gate made, the gate had a very unique sound. The trike in one of the Roth posters was Tankers, the Panhead was mine. It was a great time of brotherhood, every day was a party.

The painting that "lewis.kl1" referred to, containing his and Tanker's bikes. Everybody calls this painting Bikes, Booze, Broads, but the actual name of this is A Taste Of Honey. "lewis.kl1" didn't specifically say weather he was a member of the Barons MC or not, but Tanker was. Tanker's trike was also featured in the very first issue of Roth's Choppers Magazine - under the title Tanker's Love Machine.

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