Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Just win, Baby......."

1929 - 2011

Professional Football and the National Football League wouldn't be what it is today without Al Davis. Instrumental in forcing the merger of the AFL with the NFL, a founding member of the American Football League, the owner of the Oakland Raiders, and former AFL Commissioner.

Pro Football Hall Of Fame member. 5 Raider Superbowl (including Superbowl II) appearances, with victories in Superbowls XI, XV (first wild card team to ever win a Superbowl), and XVIII. 19 Raider team members inducted to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, along with former Raider coach John Madden.

Say what you want about Al Davis, he was a true maverick in the world of Professional Football. Love him or hate him (there was no inbetween) , he was what he was. Being an Oakland raider fan for 41 years, I felt that maybe the game of football had passed him by a few years ago, but I have nothing but complete respect for Al Davis. Football lost a great man today, and I lost another one of my heros....damn.

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