Wednesday, February 2, 2011

150,000 page views.......

This makes me feel pretty good. We reached a couple milestones here on Applied Machete. We hit over 150,000 page views, and 160 followers sometime last week. Thanks to everybody who comes here to visit, thank you for all the Emails, and thank all of you that have links from your blogspots to here.

I thought you'd like to see what the alltime top 10 viewed posts have been over the last 3 years on Applied Machete:

1. Von Dutch Monday VI
2. Of Tank Girl, Pete Pepe's CFL, and Craig Fraser
3. Bending The Line
4. A Hells Angel Goes To The Smithsonian
5. Robert Tessier
6. CNC???
7. Bill Ray Wasn't The Lone Ranger
8. 1039 Ardmore Ave.
9. The Electric Chair
10. Norm Grabowski's "Six Pack"


Chris K said...

Congrats and what a coincidence! I was just looking at my blog's stats and thought, I should do a post on them. BTW, You're blog is consistently in the top five highest referring sites for sending visitors to mine and was #1 for the month stats.

KROWN said...

Congrats Rich! Much deserved, to 150,000 more brother! Respect!