Friday, December 18, 2009

WOW ! It's been a while, huh ?

Yeah, I've been slackin' on the blog, but I had good reason....I was beat, and way behind on my Emails, phone messages, and work I couldn't get to before I left. I never thought a trip to SoCal would wear me out, but it did, and I had a good time all around.

Thursday I drove on snowpack on I-70 in Colorado near Vail Pass , and missed a 3 car accident on the Pass by about 15 minutes. I sat on I-70 for about 45 minutes while they dragged the upside-down SUV that was blocking both Westbound lanes out of the way, and I hit more snowpacked roads near Avon, Rifle, and Parachute. Once I got near Grand Jct., the roads were clear, but it was COLD! 10 to 5 degrees above at the gas stops.

Even when I got to Las Vegas Thursday night, the temperature was 31 degrees! I spent the night in Primm, NV, and when I went out to the truck the next morning, I still had snow in the pickup bed! Friday, just south of Primm, going up I-15 to the top of the Providence Mtns., they had 2" of snow up there, and I-15 was iced over at the summit.

In CA., it started raining as I went thru Victorville/Apple Valley, and when I got to Cajon Pass, the fog was about 3 feet off I-15, and you could only see 2-3 carlengths ahead. Once I dropped down to L.A, it was pouring, and didn't let up until early Sunday morning.

I got to everything I wanted to in Cali. I took in the reception For Thy Will Be Done (promoted by Big Iron Joe, and Tey Herrera) on Friday night, and the actual art show on Saturday night. We weren't sure if the Mooneyes Christmas Party at Irwindale Speedway was on, so Kristina (of Glitterfist Productions & Photography) and I did a drive-by Saturday morning. Our alternate plan was to get cheap tattoos if it was a bust, but it was in full swing in the rain. Who says SoCal people are pussies? We got lots of photos shot, and had a great time to boot. The tats will have to wait for another time, I guess, haha!

Sunday was a completely different deal. The sun was shining, and the drive up from L.A. to Ventura for the David Mann Chop Fest was beautiful. It was just like "Old Home Week" - I'd take a couple steps, and would run into somebody I knew. Kristina's head was spinning, she met so many perople that day she couldn't keep track of everybody, poor girl, but she didn't let anything or anybody stand in her way. She dove in and did some kick-ass photography work for us. Look for my articles (and Kristina's photography) in upcoming issues of The Horse on all 3 events.

Monday I went over to Kristina's place in Yucaipa, and picked up the upright metal bandsaw, the lathe, and a "gift" from Jesse James I hadn't planned on finding (see the history of the machinery in the post below). Jesse had told me Saturday night that he had found a bunch of the quick change lathe gears, and "some other stuff", and had put it by the lathe. Well, what he left me was this big-azz reciprocal hacksaw! Well, what could I do, it was a gift from Jesse, so I loaded it up.

The lathe is kick ass. It has a patent date cast into it's bed of Feb. 1880, and a revised patent date of Nov. 1890. Dennis Goodson seems to think it's actually WW I vintage, and he's a good judge of old machinery. Everything works well, it all needs to be cleaned and spiffed up a little, and hopefully I'll get some pictures up here as I do it. Actually, it's all gonna get the "Von Dutch" treatment, so keep checking here.

As far as the ride back, it was uneventfull, save for a 3 car accident East of Grand Jct., that I squeaked by, and didn't have to stop for.

One last thing - when Part-timer Steve and I unloaded everything, he was looking at it all, and he said, "You know what all this reminds me of? It reminds me of all the machinery we saw in Mike Parti's workshop, that he's still using today". I plan on using this machinery for a long time as well.
The "Appendage Mangler" as Part-timer Steve and I call it. It's a gigundo reciprocal hacksaw. Looks like it could cut I-beams and arms with equal aplomb. It was parked under the lathe when I got to Kristina's place. A gift courtesy of Jesse James. Thanks, Jesse! Dig the farmer (no offense to actual farmers, OK?) chain final drive adapted from a bicycle! Too cool.
Taking a break loading the goodies. Hey, this shit is heavy! This ain't no Harbor Fright tooling, this is gen-u-ine forged in the USfuckingA steel! This machinery has been in operation for the last 9 decades, and I'm gonna make sure it runs for a few more. No pictures of the bandsaw, though.

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