Monday, December 7, 2009

This coming weekend will be busy...........

I won't be set up at these events, but I'm going to attend all three. Yeah, I gotta get out of here, it's 3 degrees above Zero here in Denver as I type this, and it's supposed to hit -18 tonight! The "shrinkage factor" alert is definitely out here, haha!

I also have to make a stop in Yucaipa on the way home, to pick up a 6' lathe and an upright bandsaw from Kristina Marie on my way back home. They were both her Dad's (Rip Rose, of Easyriders Ridin' With Rip fame), so I'm stoked to have these particular two machines in my shop, and they'll definitely go right to work when I get them home.

So, if you see me wandering around at these events, come up and say hello. I'm easy to spot, I'm the pasty white guy with the dirty blue jeans, long hair, tats, beat-up engineer boots, and I'll have a really cute photographer with me shooting the events. You can't miss me.


drsprocket said...

See you at the last one Rich. Is that Rip of Rip's ride for the cure? If so i'll tell you a great little story about him and I when I see you.

Irish Rich said...

Absolutely. See you there.

Yeah, same Rip. I knew him, that's why the machinery has a little more meaning. Looking forward to the story.

Also hoping that maybe Jimmy Shane will show at David Mann? Haven't seen him for years.

=mike= said...

I do miss you , but I never leave my area code so it's kind of my fault as well .