Saturday, September 12, 2009

OK Chris, I won't be out-barged......

I dig skinny lane splitters, but I definitely have a soft spot for Land Yachts. Chris K over at MC Art has kinda thrown the gauntlet out, so take this!

I think these photos come from somewhere around '85. Not only is this Shovel FL all tarted up (including the "porta potty" tour pack), it's pulling a pygmy pony horse trailer that's decked out and painted to match. I dig the white upholstery.
LET THERE BE LIGHT! Same dresser lit up at night. Me, I'd be adding a few more light poles and marker lights. I bet this rig was a big hit over at the Bear Mountain Truck Stop in Bakersfield, CA!

1 comment:

Chris K said...

So you took my latest post as firing the first shot across the ol fender light eh?

Damn, I had this one in my arsenal too, but no worries I have more.