Monday, January 7, 2013

Yep, we hit it.....500,000 pageviews

Actually, 500,196 as of this morning. With all that goes on, like Taptalk, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I think that this is pretty cool milestone. Here, in no particular order, are the Top 10 most-viewed posts from the last 4 years on Applied Machete. Thank you, very much, for looking!

* Of Tank Girl, Pete Pepe's CFL, and Craig Frasier

* A Hells Angel Goes to the Smithsonian

* Von Dutch Monday V (the XAVW post)

* Single Downtube CFL frames

* Robert Tessier

* Bill Ray wasn't the Lone Ranger

* They call it FRISCO - Chocolate George's Funeral

* The FXRDG and the FXDG

* Buy Your Last Belt Drive First

* Aw yeah, More Psychedelic Love Temple Info


WhitelinePsycho said...

Congrats mate, the big 'mill' is only a kickstart away. Thoroughly enjoyed the interview that your part time associate put up, great stuff. Hope '13 is starting off well for you.

Guy@GK said...

Well done Rich. One of the most edifying blogs out there... you're always surprising us.

Lonnie C. said...

I have been here a bunch and must say this is absolutley one of the best out there.
Keep it up...