Monday, September 3, 2012

Who says Softail 5 speeds don't fit in 4 speed swingarm frames?

We're going to use Tommy's old enclosed belt drive inside a Softail OEM inner and outer primary - that alignment is next on the setup list, then on to the rear wheel/trans sprocket/wheel sprocket alignment. So far, so good......


Throwback said...

Cool looking frame. Cant say Ive ever seen side car loops on a swingarm frame. Nice work for sure.

Irish Rich said...

See, that's the whole idea with this frame, and the bike.

Even if they know their Harley models, people at first glance will think it's an '85 FXEF Fatbob, because that was the last year for the 4sp, and the 4sp-style swingarm frame, but it had the Evo instead of the Shovelhead. Plus, the FXEF in '85 had the same 4.2gal. flatside tanks that the '85 Softail had, because the front half of the Factory '85 4sp FXEF frame shared that with the Softail that year. We're going to use 4.2gal. tanks on this vs. the 5 gal we were originally going with.

Then, they'll see the 5sp instead of the 4sp, then they'll see the Softail primary, then they'll see the sidecar loops, and then they'll wonder where this bike came from. That's what we're after. Like I said, this bike is appearing more Factory production-like as we go along, because we're adapting in a lot of years of stock parts.