Friday, July 13, 2012

Randy's bike went home, too.......

Randy took his bike home a couple days ago, too. This was a bike that Randy owned, that he took apart 10 years ago, and it sat in his barn in that state until about a year or so ago.
Randy got the bug to get it back on the road, so he had Dave at 2Wheelers rebuild the engine, and they sent him down to Dennis Goodson's shop after that, because Randy wanted the front downtubes stretched 2". Dennis was too busy, so he referred him to me.
I stretched the downtubes 2" for him, added some sleeves to the downtubes and the lower tank bar, and raised the backbone up 1", because Randy wanted more of the rear rocker box visible. After that, Randy asked if I wanted to go ahead and put his other ideas into the build, so I took on the whole project.
Randy wanted a 5 speed, and an open belt, the tractor seat, and the long rear fender. I did that for him, along with a Labriola foot clutch, relocating the gas tank filler, making the oil tank, the hand shifter, and locating the Softail battery under the transmission.
Along with the above, I added an internal throttle to the Paughco Hollywood bars, hid the oil filter behind the trans case, set up the Tech Cycle starter plate, and made the footboard mounts. Blast Tech handled the blasting, Taint Paint the powdercoating, Bitchin' Stichin' the leather seat redo, and Brian (formally of Alterior Motive) did the paint. I did the final assembly, and the hidden wiring, along with the electrical box mounted to the old coil mounts. The coil now mounts to the front of the trans plate, behind the belt drive.

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Nice work mate, quite the subtle thing, he should be chuffed.