Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anybody have a set of these?

Anybody know of a decent workable, repairable set of these Buco Twinmaster saddlebags for sale? I always loved the way these bags were shaped, and they actually look good on a rigid framed bike, too - not too big, not too small.
These bags found their way onto not only Harleys, but Beemers, Hondas, and a bunch of other makes/models. There are quite a few "surviving" sets out there, repops are available, and the guy on Ebay that wants $999.00 for a NOS set (without hangers) is out of his fucking mind!
They don't have to be as pristine as this set (actually, these examples are currently available repops), but a set that could use some TLC - by that I mean not a set that somebody smashed the side out of with a hammer, or slid on them for 50ft down the highway. They don't have to have the hangers, as I'll have to make my own anyways, and the lights aren't a necessity, either. But, as complete as possible as far as latches go, although there are repop replacements available, on those, too. Let me know what you have.....Fatbob, got a line on any?


Chris said...


Contact http://gashuffer.blogspot.be/
I THINK he had a set some months ago.



Brubble said...

Somebody in Stockton gas a set on Craigslist- http://stockton.craigslist.org/mcy/3071196444.html

Irish Rich said...

I thank you both for the leads, but that Stockton CL set is pretty fuckered up, those I saw on Ebay, too. It's the set that inspired my "side bashed in with a hammer..." comment, haha!

Noot said...

Don't have a set, but if you need some striped - for you? $45.00

Brubble said...

Another set on ebay- don't look too bad in the pics.

Irish Rich said...

Hey Noot, very cool....let me know which gas station you've staked out, so I don't have to drive all over town looking for you, OK?

KNUCKLE BUSTER 1939 said...

Did you find a set? I think I have a black set...I'll take a look.

Irish Rich said...

Not yet, check and see, and let me know.

Email me if you want:

Chris said...

Maybe this could interest you: