Friday, August 19, 2011

More of Micah McCloskey's Indian Chief.......

From the Emails I got on the previous post on Micah McCloskey's Indian Chief, there is a lot of intrest in the bike itself. I had a bunch of mail asking for additional pictures of it, so here everybody, this should satisfy you - enjoy!

Micah's feature in the August '76 issue of Choppers Magazine. From the cover, can you tell that I read this magazine A LOT? Painted in solid "Indian Red". The cover was shot on the road, headed down to Ensenada, Mexico, and the 2nd shot I believe was in Ensenada itself. The Chief, from Supercycle, November '77, in its black livery. Micah's Chief, as it appeared in the Jan. 2006 issue of Hardcore Choppers Japan, with Micah on the cover. Candy red this time around. Photo courtesy Kristina Pamias/Glitterfist Productions Photo courtesy Kristina Pamias/Glitterfist Production
A couple photos from the David Mann Chopperfest, Dec. 2010, taken by Kristina when we coverd the Event for The Horse magazine. Back in black again, and it's still black today. And, to finish this off, here's Micah barrel racing the Chief at an Easyriders Rodeo - right off the street.... apehangers and all. GO MICAH!

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Roadside Marty said...

Another bit of history about Micah's Chief is that it was also in the movie The Running Man with Micah riding it as well if I'm not mistaken?? I love your posts Rich, they are the best!!!