Friday, April 8, 2011

I know, I know.....

I haven't posted much on the blog for awhile, but things have been jumping here - just ask Part-timer Steve! Work hasn't stopped coming in, and we've been concentrating on getting Wade's rigified TC-B wrapped up, along with trying to get ahead here on the other projects before I split for the Left Coast next weekend. More on that further down this post....

Anyways, I thought you'd like to see Wade's 'naked" frame fresh from the powdercoaters last Thursday, before I assemble and wire it up. The frame, now that it's completed, looks deceptively easy to do, and that's the way it's supposed to look when it's finished. All in all, adding the rigid section to his stock TC Softail frame front section was a lot of work and head scratching, but I think it came out killer for the effort.

I worked with a new blasting company - Blast Tech, in Englewood, CO - this time around, and Gary's guys put a fantastic finish on the frame before Roger at ' Taint Paint in Colo. Springs did one of his excellent glassy black powdercoats on it. Zero peel on the finish, just as it should be. Blast Tech will be getting all my blasting business from now on, and Roger's powdercoating has always been top notch, and on time to boot.

I'll post photos of the completed bike before I load it up to take it out to Wade in Flagstaff next Thursday. After I drop it off there, Friday it's on to L.A. to pick up a basket case '79 Shovel, that'll supply me with the engine for my Invited Builders Bike for Born Free III. The basket has a solid 96" stroker with a Morris M5 magneto, and a lot of parts to sell off once I get back here, including a titled '79 swingarm frame, a drum glide front end, and a Kraft Tech stock dimension rigid frame with a good MSO.

I'll be making my home base at T-rod's place in Costa Mesa while I'm out there. Can't wait to see the sidehack in person! On Saturday the 16th, I'll also be hitting Kutty's Hippy Killer Hoedown in Winchester for the day, so if you see me there, come up and say hello!

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leon holmes said...

top notch work you should be proud of.