Monday, February 2, 2009

"What happened to your VL frame rehab, Rich?"

Welllll.........nothing, over the last couple weeks. I had to go back to Buffalo the beginning of Jan. for a funeral, and then when I got back here, I had some jobs to catch up on, so, no work on the frame.

I did manage to cut and fishmouth the lower sleeve for the front downtube and the socket for the lower tank bar, and I cut and bent the lower tank bar itself, but then I ran into a snag. I searched all over the Metro Denver area for some 1 3/8" OD x 1 1/4" ID x .065 wall DOM tubing. Nada, none in town at my usual suppliers. I needed this tubing to make the double sleeves on the new tubes. So, I went to Online Metals, and found what I needed, and ordered it.

The evening after I ordered, I got an Email from Online Metals, telling me I was backordered until the 29th. I just got another Email, telling me it'll deliver here tomorrow. Cool! Part-timer Steve is coming over tomorrow to pitch in, so we should have some new progress pictures for you tomorrow night. Maybe......

I also went into my "secret bunker", and came out with one of my 40 year old NOS Wassell peanut tanks (in the original box, eat your heart out!). I think I'll be using it on this frame. I'll be frisco-ing the tunnel, moving the filler up, and relocating the petcock on this one, so you'll get pictures of this surgery as we go along on that, too.

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