Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mail Room - Sherry, and more Love Temple info, Part 2....

I promised I'd pass on "Sherry"s recollections of her time at The Sans Souci (aka the Psychedelic Love Temple), and here's what she had to say. Again, Sherry, thank you for taking the time to Email me, it was most appreciated.......

"It's only rather by accident that I stumbled upon your blog. I have a friend who is 10 years younger than I am and she's always been fascinated by the whole 60's thing. So one of her classes some years ago was on changes wrought by the 60's, or whatever and she kept asking me questions and the subject of the Temple came up. This last Saturday evening I was with friends and she brought up the Temple and mentioned that she'd been looking up info online about who lived there and such and I asked what site she'd found, because when I'd checked last a few years ago there was nothing except the Free Press mention. She didn't know which site it was. So I came home and found your blog. I called her the next morning to thank her very much for mentioning that because I wouldn't have found your site otherwise and it meant a lot to me. She said she'd never seen your blog."

"First went to The Temple with Buddha and Florida Dave.....Buddha (Hank Gardner) rode with The Misfits, Florida Dave with The Outlaws."

"Came across an online pic of Roland Burnett's high school yearbook pic and, I believe the spelling was 'Roland' ".

"Thrilled to see the pic of Tanker and Roland and Pai (Paisano). I remember Tank's bike being an electric start....said he got ragged on a lot, but he wasn't out there spending all his time kick starting".

"Roland died years ago in Ramona, perhaps on his uncle's property there. I believe Roland died in January of 1978....RIP...I heard about Roland's dying in Ramona from a friend via Narco Bob....last time I saw him was in Ramona."

"Tanker died years ago in the desert in Arizona, in his hearse, was cremated and some of his ashes divided amungst his bros...some of these ashes carried in a small receptacle clipped to a roach clip so he could always go along and party with everyone else".

"I came home the night Hendrix was playing there and was quite think it was the night before he played The Bowl and, as I recall was getting $60 thou for the Bowl...and we had him for free".

"Why more responses from women than men? Maybe because we're still alive. Roland's dead, Tank's dead, I don't know where Richard is, last saw him living in Pasadena. Who else? Blue? Leona? Bebe? Bebe's dead".

"The mention of the pants Roland was wearing being in two pics...yep...his fave. Red / green large houndstooth check pants, blue / green floral shirt with white collar and to top it off a light turquoise suede jacket".

"Lol....I see that someone else who posted lived in the front balcony apartment...I did also, earlier...Roland's room was on the roof...called 'Heaven."

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