Monday, September 17, 2012

More from The Mail Bag - Got an Email from Shawn.....

If you look back in my blog to around the end of February of this year, you'll see a frame that Shawn brought me to work over for him, and some of the details of the modifications as I went along. Shawn didn't like the low ride height, or the "pro street' stretch in both ends of the frame, so he had me massage it into a more traditional looking frame configuration to suit his next project.
What I did was de-rake it 6 degrees (from 38 degrees to 32), gusset the neck OEM-style, reconfigure and replace the downtubes, and take 2 1/2" of stretch out of the rear section - and still allowing Shawn to use his 180 x 17 rear wheel again.

I also frisco'd the repop '00-up Sporty tank, relocated the gas filler and petcock, and mounted the rear fender. Shawn and his son CJ took it from there as a father/son build, with CJ as the ultimate recipient of it when it was completed. Wish I had a dad like that when I was in high school! But hey, what the hell, CJ put a lot of work into the bike as well, so why not?
Well, Shawn has another project just starting, and he's got another frame that's going to be needing some extensive mods, so along with a list of proposed modifications and photos of the frame for the new project, he sent along a couple snapshots of CJ and the bike that he and Shawn put together with the above frame.

Shawn said that CJ's been all over hell on the bike this summer. Nice to see a father/son team actually working together on something like this, and nice to see my work on the road as well. I don't get to see a lot of what I do for other people in the finished form most of the time (don't ask me, I have no idea why), so thanks for the photos!

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