Saturday, September 22, 2012

Haifley Brothers, Phoenix, Arizona.....

I had seen the Haifley Bros. upholstery work on their own brand of solo and king&queen seats at the 3rd Love Cycles Anniversary party last February in Phoenix, and decided they were the one's to cover my solo seat for my personal bike project.

I talked it over with Doug Haifley, and he said when I was ready, to send them the pan I had made, and they'd take care of it. And, boy, did they ever. Good communication,  fair price, fast service, no skimping on the workmanship and materials, and I couldn't be happier. Leather in a true tuck 'n roll, done in a "Bates" pattern. I'll have two more seat pans I made for client's builds on their way out to them shortly for the same treatment:
And hey, you know me by now, I don't endorse people unless I think they deserve it.


Throwback said...

Hey Rich Hows that single looper coming along. I take it that it just wasnt in the cards to be ready for the Brooklyn show. I'm dying to see the end result.
Take care,


Irish Rich said...

Josh, That's the bike this seat is on, and as you can see, it's to the point of dis-assembly for painting and plating....but money is tight.

Same reason I didn't go to the Brooklyn Invitational...again. 3 years in a row an invite, 3 years in a row no dough to finish a bike of my own, and ship it and myself there and back to NYC. Clients work and projects come first, and so do my day-to-day expenses around here. There isn't a lot of spare change jingling around right now.

This bike will be finished as I can afford to finish it the way it should short cuts or compromises on it.

jimmy monk said...

Excellent work Haifleys.

Throwback said...

I fully understand. It will make it all the more sweeter when its done.

Brad Brown said...

I searched "tuck & roll" on google the other day and found these guys. I'm gonna get with them when I'm ready to finish my king & queen seat pan. Their work is awsome.