Monday, September 24, 2012

I spoke a little too soon....from the Mail Box.....

I hardtailed this 4 speed swingarm frame for Jay, in SoCal, a little while ago. I used the OEM-style axle plates on this job, the results and the lines of the hardtail section are hard to beat. Jay sent the following Email and photos along to me this last weekend. Again, nice to see my work actually rolling down the highway. Thanks Jay!

"Hi Rich, how is everything going ? I was erasing some old emails and I came across this one from you, and it reminded me that I never sent you any pictures of the bike. We got it running but chrome and paint got put on hold because summer rolled around but I thought I'd send ya a couple pictures of it anyway. Thanks again it came out really nice. The photos came from a ride a few of us went on through the canyons. A guy named Troy over at the Chico Moto blog took them ."